Monday, May 30, 2016
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An Oklahoma Natural Gas employee admitted to striking the Chinese pug pictured above, Mimi, with a pipe wrench while on a service call in Mustang last week. The dog died, but the worker claimed it was self-defense.

By Brendan Hoover
Managing Editor

An Oklahoma Natural Gas employee killed a dog while on a service call at a Mustang home last week, and police are investigating the incident as an animal cruelty case.

The employee admitted to striking the dog with a pipe wrench while working at a residence in the 600 block of West Pine Court Way at about 1 p.m. on Tuesday, June 22, Mustang Police Det. Camie McNeil said.

“According to him, the dog was aggressive toward him and bit him, but I did not observe any injuries to the ONG worker at the time,” McNeil said.

The dog’s owner, Cindi Holderbee, said she and her two children arrived home from grocery shopping when they saw the unidentified male employee, who stood approximately six-foot-one and wore a white ONG shirt, leaving the home’s backyard gate.

“He said he had to turn the gas off because we were late on a payment, and he walked straight to his truck,” she said.

Holderbee said her son Kobi, 8, ran to the backyard to check on the family’s three dogs.

“When my son had run back into the house while I was bringing in the groceries, he was screaming that there was something wrong,” she said.

Holderbee said she went into the backyard to find the family’s Chinese pug, Mimi, lying dead on the ground.

“I thought it was heat stroke or something, but she was lying in a puddle of blood,” Holderbee said. “I turned her over, and it was pretty obvious to me what had happened.”

Holderbee said she called her husband and then 9-1-1. Police and an animal control officer arrived at the home shortly after. McNeil said she interviewed the ONG employee while the animal control officer, Kim Schmitz, took the dog’s body to a local veterinarian for a post-mortem exam.

The results of the vet’s exam confirmed the dog was killed by external force, McNeil said.

The dog was known to bark at strangers but was blind in one eye and missing teeth, Holderbee said.

“Mimi weighs 16 pounds. The pipe wrench he had probably weighed more than that,” she said.

No arrests have been made. Police would not release the employee’s name because the incident is under investigation, McNeil said.

Holderbee said the employee should serve jail time if animal cruelty is proven. She said she also feels guilty that the dog was killed as a direct result of her forgetting to pay a natural gas bill.

“I feel so guilty, because it was one of those stupid things. The bill just got piled on my desk,” she said.

Nevertheless, Holderbee said she has hired an attorney, and she plans to sue.

ONG spokesman Don Sherry said Monday company officials are conducting an internal investigation but do not dispute the facts of the case.

The employee involved has been reassigned and will not work around animals or in customers’ yards while the investigation continues, Sherry said.

“We are profoundly sorry that this incident happened. We in no way advocate violence against animals,” he said. “We want to publicly express our regret that such an incident happened.”

Employees are trained to avoid confrontation when working in yards with pets, Sherry said.

“Over our history, we have a number of employees seriously injured. It continues to be an issue for us,” he said.

ONG is currently working on a $31 million project that would automate gas meters by equipping them with radio transmitter devices, Sherry said.

By summer’s end, ONG hopes to install 400,000 automated meters within its service area, including 150,000 in the Oklahoma City metro area.

“That would allow the readings to be taken remotely rather than facing the necessity of entering a customer’s yard or property,” Sherry said.

The plan does little to console the Holderbee family.

“We had (Mimi) ever since she was a puppy. She’s been with my son his entire life,” Holderbee said.

Visitor Comments
Submitted By: Kobi Holderbee Submitted: 10/18/2015
I am the victim of this event and I'm speaking out 5 years later. It's time for me to tell my side of the story. My mother, my sister, and I were coming home from Walmart. We come home to a vehicle in the yard. We drove into the drive way we noticed that our locked hate was open. a ong worker walked out the gate closes it and stick a note to the gate and swiftly walked to his car. My mother and I thought it was kinda suspicious at first but we read the note saying he was checking the meter. We walk into the house bringing in the groceries from Walmart my mother told me to let in our dogs 2 of them were still puppies and 1 was Mimi the pig. I walk to the door to let in the dogs. I call for the dogs the 2 pups team in the house without greeting me as if they were scared or something. I called again for Mimi because she did not come into the house. I walk outside trying to find her. I saw her dead body laying still. I called her name afrade of what I'm seeing she does not respond. In dis

Submitted By: MrUtility Submitted: 5/25/2011
I used to have the same type job for an electric company and let me assure you of something. EVERY company has policy of NOT discussing details of an investigation! This ALWAYS allows 1 side of the story be told and gain public opinion points! I had this happen some time ago and it was brutal seeing accusations, lies, facts that were not facts, etc spread all over the net. Oh, and the threats from some people on message boards was tremendous and it was hard to keep my name private. Message board opinion was to kill me (the employee) but in real court it was obvious I did nothing wrong and everyone knew it. Slam dunk case. So be very careful about making opinions.

Submitted By: InHisDefense Submitted: 7/28/2010
In Oklahoma, you'll need to know that your state passed HB2813 in 2006 which protects these professionals against dog attacks, and dictates punishment to dog owner that allow their dog to assault these employees (this bill speaks of fines and possible imprisonment for the dog owners).

Submitted By: BB Submitted: 7/28/2010
She did know when they were coming, that's why they call it a 48 hour notice. Problem is, she didn't open her bill or the cutoff notice. She does have at least some responsibility for the worker's safety. Technically, all meters are located in a utility easement, which is not legally her back yard. And the franchise agreement with every municipality in which they operate requires access to be provided to their equipment. Oklahomans treat their dogs better than they do their children. What they don't report is that workers are bitten nearly every day, just trying to do their job.

Submitted By: TJ Submitted: 7/14/2010
Please, get over this dog story. If you people don't have anything better to discuss, then I'd hate to be you. There are more pressing matters available for public discussion than a damn dog who contributed nothing to this world. Get over it!

Submitted By: Delana Roberson Submitted: 7/14/2010
About 6 months ago I caught the ONG guy trying to kick the crap out of my dog. I called and complained and they told me they could not do anything unless I caught it on camera. I am truly not shocked this happened. The company knows they have people jumping in these backyards who do not like dogs, and they do not do anything about it. By the way did I mention I live in Mustang. Most likely the same worker

Submitted By: EH Submitted: 7/14/2010
Anita, you have lost your mind!

Submitted By: Anita Submitted: 7/13/2010
Ignorance-is-bliss should be calld Blissfully ignorant - you said you read this twice. How did you miss the fact that the idiot had not been bitten AT ALL so your "pack attack" theory holds no water in this case. mb - must stand for mindless butt A leash law is for when you have your dogs outside of a controlled area - your house or your fenced in yard, Leash law means it is not legal to let them run free outside of your house or fenced in yard. You wouldn't keep a dog on a leash inside a fenced in yard because of the choking hazard it would cause if the leash got wrapped around a tree or some other thing in the yard. It could also cause a heat stoke problem if the leash got wrapped around something and the dog could not get to the water bowl. DR - sure hope that doesn't stand for Doctor, cause I wouldn't want you for a physician since you can't read and comprehend a simple news article - the home owner did not call the idiot out to her house. And no one locked the idiot

Submitted By: V Submitted: 7/12/2010
To Jay - Where in the newspaper story does it say that the ONG worker KILLED a pug? I think it said that he struck the dog which was behaving agressively towards him.

Submitted By: Jay Submitted: 7/10/2010
Working around people's pets in their yards can be frustrating. I have been cornered by two pits and had to defend myself with a pic axe walking backwards to get out. But then I never was attacked by a toothless one eyed killer attack pug either. I managed to get away from two pits without hitting them why did he kill a pug with a wrench? Dude needs to be sued along with ONG.

Submitted By: ignorance-is-bliss Submitted: 7/8/2010
The ONG employee was called out to the house, as assigned to him by his employer, to turn off the gas due to non payment. He did not intentionally go to the house to kill an animal. Reading the article, it sounds as though the employee was attacked by this dog. It however does not say anything about the other 2 dogs that were in the back yard. Where were they while the attack was going on? When dogs attack, they are usually in a pack and feed off each other's aggressions and emotions. With that being said, they may have attacked this employee all at the same time leaving him fending for his safety. He used what he had in reach to defend himself, unfortunately, at the dog's expense. As the homeowner has stated herself, if she had paid her bill when it was due, she would not have been in this situation. I know from personal experience, the bill comes in the mail with a due date and when I was late, I received a late notice with a 48 hour cutoff order. Please believe me when I sa

Submitted By: V Submitted: 7/7/2010
Pugom3 - Apparently this "cruel killer", "heartless loser", and his "disgusting act" has already been tried and convicted by you. All based on the pugs side of the story?

Submitted By: PugMom3 Submitted: 7/6/2010
"DR", are you serious??? If you read the article or watched the news, the ONG worker showed up without any notice. How would the homeowner know to lock their dogs inside if they didn't know anyone was going to be in their backyard? Think about what you say before you say it, because the case you made makes zero sense. This incident is not only heart breaking, it is absolutely REPULSIVE to me. Dogs are part of the family to most pet owners, and I can only imagine the pain and anger Mimi's family is feeling right now. I have been a dog owner all my life, and as an owner of 2 pugs currently, I can honestly say that pugs are the most loving, gentle, friendly breed of dogs I have EVER known. I don't believe this cruel killer's side of the story for one second. What digusts me the most is that the pug owner stated she came home to find the worker leaving her backyard and he apologized for having to shut the gas off "and walked straight to his truck." He did NOT mention any altercation

Submitted By: okmedic76 Submitted: 7/6/2010
I have seen a lot of dog bites and they can be nasty. Usually children are the victims of dog attacks because, being small, they are at the dog's level. This, however, did not sound like a dog attack. As a dog owner, I ould have to say that I love my dog more than most people. If someone injures, much less kills my dog, in his own yard, I woulkd have to be restrained and probably medicated, lest something happen to the person involved. Dogs are family members.

Submitted By: n/a Submitted: 7/6/2010
the worker had no reason to strike the dog,,,plus this worker was not called out he came out on his own,,,reread the article idiot

Submitted By: mb Submitted: 7/5/2010
i guess the ong worker should have waited untill the dog did bite him to see that the dog had no teeth. mustang has a leash law and i do believe you have to have your pet's on a leash even with a fenced in yard. that includes cat's as well. sad situation for everyone involved. nobody know's what they would do until you are in that same situation, little dog's can tear up an ankle or leg just as bad as a big dog.

Submitted By: LD Submitted: 7/5/2010
Seems to me that ONG realizes that this is a clear-cut case of an out of control employee. They should fire the guy--or at the very least send him to anger management then decide if he is still employable. Acts of aggression towards animals can and do lead to acts of aggression towards people and this guys has a problem. Why not just walk away from the dog, or not go in the back yard when he heard it barking-- call and come back another time? I'm sure that ONG's policy is not to put yourself in danger with any animal on anyone's property, no matter why the employee is there.

Submitted By: JL Submitted: 7/5/2010
Come on "dr", at least read the article before you make a comment! They did NOT call the worker out to the house to "work for them"! They forgot to pay their bill & the guy came out to shut the gas off without their knowledge while the family was not home & the dogs were in their own backyard. THe ONG worker MADE THE CHOICE to go in the yard KNOWING THERE WERE DOGS BACK THERE. I could be wrong, but I think ONG policy is to ask homeowners to take their dog insideif a worker needs in the yard. GET YOUR FACTS STRAIGHT!

Submitted By: jr Submitted: 7/5/2010
I guess that just goes to show you, If you owe ONG money they will get one way or the other! Pretty sad. I know the owner and dog personaly! That lil dog couldnt do anything but bark, She was getting older. "RIP Mimi"

Submitted By: dr Submitted: 7/4/2010
Well I'm just here to support the worker. You call a guy out to your house to work for you and then leave him alone in the yard with a dog. If I ever have anyone even in my house working I chain up my dog and keep a close eye on it just to be on the safe and friendly side of things. The dog doesn't mind, and it keeps everyone safe. Even my mini-doby gets put up even though she's not likely to get anyone. I would still never leave anyone alone to work for me locked in the yard with either of my dogs.

Submitted By: MS Submitted: 7/4/2010
I hope this ONG employee is released from his position. I will be dissappointed if he just gets a slap on the wrist. I am very sorry for the Holderbee's loss, this is such a needless tragedy. Dog abusers are worthless individuals and it would be nice to see a little justice in this case.

Submitted By: MIchaelA Submitted: 7/4/2010
I was once told about a very aggressive Pug. After one minute with this so called vicious dog, he was in my lap licking my face. I find it so hard to believe this ONG worker felt threatened by a 16 pound 12 inch tall dog. The guy admitted to killing this Pug and there were no signs he had been bitten as he claimed. He lied to try and justify killing this dog. The guy admitted it all, so the investigation is complete! I was in a forum early this morning and people in Australia were discussing this. So you don't just have a few people in OK watching you OMG, you have the worlds attention.

Submitted By: Kourtney Submitted: 7/4/2010
I believe that someone who could cause harm to animals, could cause harm to people... That's how murderers are usually bred. They start with something small and defenseless and move to bigger things! He needs to be fired and in jail! No excuses!

Submitted By: christina Submitted: 7/4/2010
Ok so you kill a little pug because she bite you come on now she is a little pug to a sixfoot dumba$$ dude how would you feel if someone did that to your kids cause you new what you did you seen the failmy and you ran your a sorry boy your not even a man and i hope you get hite with a bat you let that child see that puppy laying there died remeber god hate ulgy

Submitted By: RM Submitted: 7/3/2010
I believe the ONG employee might have been hot, tired and hating his job...not to mention a very intense dislike for dogs The little dog kept barking at him as a natural reaction to a stranger being in her yard and it probably got on his nerves. Therefore, it would seem very likely that he took out all of his anger and frustrations of his day by beating something small and defenseless to this case an old, toothless, half blind dog that only weighed 16 lbs.and in all probability could barely get around. His punishment needs to include loss of employment, court ordered anger managment classes and I would suggest community service hours spent at the animal shelter, however, I doubt that he could be trusted around animals.

Submitted By: Howie the pug Submitted: 7/3/2010
Termination is a must. ONG runs a risk by retaining this cowardly creep. Proper procedure may be to invistigate this case, however, administrative leave should be the recourse. Get this jerk off the streets and put him where he deserves to be....IN JAIL FOR ABUSE AND CRUELTY. OR BAN ONG.

Submitted By: CW Submitted: 7/3/2010
He should be charged as the most serious crime against an animal. Time should be served as well as restitution.

Submitted By: jan powell Submitted: 7/3/2010
This is an outrage and makes me sick to my stomach. The ONG employee needs to be fired, then Mustang PD needs to file the charges and Canadian County DA needs to prosecute. My sympathy to the family.

Submitted By: HB Submitted: 7/3/2010
Dismissal from current employment is required. Failure to do so puts ONG in collusion with this horrific act. In all areas of liability, moral, ethical and legal, ONG you have no other option than to dismiss immediately. Will a failure to prosecute this criminal action be the meek voice of the Mustang Police Department and the Canadian County District Attorney ? Or will they speak louder by taking the right action and prosecute ?

Submitted By: Nicole Submitted: 7/3/2010
What a horrible sad event. Our forum just saw this and I know it is sweeping the forums and the blogs. I understand that meter readers need to protect themselves but this is beyond belief. Why he didn't take his pipe wrench and just put it between him and the pug and then back out. I have 3 pugs and I have seen aggressive pugs but there would be ways to get out of the situation without doing harm. I have had foster pug and been in rescue. This just made me ill. They really need to prosecute him and he needs to be fired from his job. Maybe some anger management classes, too. There needs to be consequences for what he did. My heart goes out to the Holderbee family and especially their son. How awful to go back their for the kids to find this horrific sight. Rest in peace little Mimi.

Submitted By: S Luber Submitted: 7/3/2010
The article states that the son went into the backyard to check on the 3 family dogs. This means there were 2 other dogs in the yard so it is unclear what else may have happened with the other dogs and the worker. He may have possibly been trying to defend himself against all 3. Mainly, if they weren't there having to turn off the gas because the bill had not been paid, there would have been no reason for the worker to be in the backyard in the first place.

Submitted By: just another commenter Submitted: 7/3/2010
I have had dogs my entire life and have been bitten before. But this "man" who tries to act tough in front of women was scared of the little pug? I dont think so. Ive been bitten and bruised and have NEVER, EVER even thought about hurting the dog. Dogs protect their home just like so many humans do. the difference? Humans dont think dogs deserve the benefit of the doubt. If this man had even hit a child or anyone else (much less murdered) he would have been arrested that same minute. But i guess dogs just desirve any respect. By the way i think ONG should pay compensation to that little boy and his family.

Submitted By: Debbie Shadid Submitted: 7/3/2010
I am soooo sorry for this family and that child to find his poor dog dead. This is to the Tulsa meter reader. Did you not even read the story and see what the owner said the worker did??? He told her why he turned off the gas and WALKED TO HIS TRUCK. He didnt say that her dog tried to attack him and that he hit the dog in fear of his life or that the dog was injured from him hitting him or that he was back there beeding to death! He didnt even care what he did and he knew that he killed the dog cause he was bleeding and not moving. From what I hear, a pug dont even have teeth that come together and they overlap so how can he even get bit in the first place??? The guy couldve atleast told the lady that he hurt the dog and to keep the kid inside so she can check on the dog first. He had no remorse because he went to his truck with no sadness, remorse, or conscience of what he did and didnt care. He was probably think about what he was gonna eat for lunch or dinner that day. I hope he get

Submitted By: Erin Brandt Submitted: 7/2/2010
I have had a pug for years and even if it was a mean pug (which I have never had or ever heard of) It is a pug. It is not a Pit Bull and with this one being blind in one eye and missing teeth. This is just sick and I think ONG is going to have to kiss alot of butt to get out of this one. Maybe all the Pug Lovers should have an NFL jersey made with team ONG on the front and Michael Vick on the back!!!!!!!

Submitted By: Bj Submitted: 7/2/2010
A pug, dude get real most it would do is tear your company owned pants and nip at your boot. ONG needs to terminate this person, as well as replace the pug even though it's never the same, as well as take some of their profits and make some donations to animal shelters across the state as part of restitution for hiring this fool and not terminating him on the spot. If you have pets call the utility companies let them know there are pet's that helps both sides so they can ring your door bell to let you know they are here to read the meter. ONG is heartless I've dealt with them for years, I had my meter off one year over Christmas, guy came in mumbling something or another about working the Holiday when he came to turn the meter back on two good size pipe wrenches in tow, I made it clear to him not to complain about working the holiday that he was well compensated I'm sure. After I said it I feared a wrench in my direction the guy had no personality was happy to see him leave

Submitted By: tulsa meter reader Submitted: 7/2/2010
First, I would like to express my regret that someone's dog was killed. It's always sad when any family pet is killed unexpectedly. NEXT, I WOULD LIKE TO EXPRESS MY DISDAIN AND IRRITATION CONCERNING HALF-COCKED REDNECKS AND IGNORANT UNIFORMED MEDIA REPORTERS DEALING WITH THIS ISSUE. First, before people start shooting any meter readers with a bb gun that access their property unannounced, THINK about this situation with a clear head and EDUCATE YOURSELF. 1. The employee WAS NOT a meter reader! Meter readers do not carry wrenches (excess weight). 2. Utility company employees have a legal right to access their equipment on your property for various issues and reasons. 3. Ask any worker that must access unfamiliar properties while working and they will tell you little dogs are many times the most aggressive type. 4. Walk in their shoes. You must consider the possibility that this employee has been in this situation before hundreds of times and "shoed" very aggressive animals away with n

Submitted By: Julie Submitted: 7/2/2010
The most I can hope for in this situation is that this so-called man has not already reproduced. I find it VERY hard to believe a PUG would actually scare this "man" so much he feared for his safety and felt the need to defend himself. I hope he comes on the same misfortune as poor Mimi. God help this bastard if his name is ever released!! Oklahoma Natural Gas would be well advised to rid itself of this employee before the news hits some of the animal rights groups. I also question the police dept. in this jurisdiction. Where is their judgement?? Why is this P.O.S. being protected by both ONG and the police?? My condolences to Mimi's family. You'll be in my thoughts in the coming days and I will do my best to bring this story the attention it deserves in order for justice to be served.

Submitted By: just commenting Submitted: 7/2/2010
ONG will probably move that employee to another department and give him a raise. That is what the parent company ONEOK usually does with employees who mess up really bad.

Submitted By: Paula Submitted: 7/2/2010
That poor man who is intimidated by a Pug. Let's hope he is not approached by a kitten or a toddler so we don't have another murder by this sick disgusting piece of s--t. ONG saying "sorry" doesn't cut it. Fire him and see that he is charged with this crime. I have 2 Pugs. I have to buy "small bites" dog food for them to get it in their mouth and chew it up. This man needs to pay. Do your job police. If a person can be arrested for being too poor to feed their animals then this man should be arrested immediately! ONG is not above the laws the rest of us have are they? You can bet people will watch to see how he is handled by ONG and by the police.

Submitted By: Mr. L Submitted: 7/2/2010
There are animal cruelty laws in place to deal with disturbed individuals such as this. Why was no arrest made??? This shouldn't be up to ONG, the law was clearly broken and should be upheld by the Mustang Police Dept. They have an obligation to uphold the law, regardless of the parties involved. If this individual can so casually deal out death to such a small creature, why leave him free to possibly attack a child or other vulnerable victim? It would be just as easy to hit someone's grandma with the same pipe wrench and attitude. Why hasn't the man been identified for public safety reasons? I used to be a meter reader. I am an animal lover and always tried to do my job peacefully. Sometimes contacting the owner was best for myself and the dog, so that was what I did. In the case of cutoffs for unpaid bills, I always gave the customer a chance to rectify the situation and avoid embarrassment and inconviences to both of us. This was completely unproffessional on the pa

Submitted By: Jennifer Ash Submitted: 7/2/2010
I to find it hard to believe that this pug could have been such a threat - I feel this guy made it a routine when a dog even came close (enjoying it) - I only hope he comes meter reading in my neighborhood, he will have read his last meter!!!!!

Submitted By: julie Submitted: 7/2/2010
As i was brought to tears over this i am so very sorry as i hope he gets the justice he deserves i think he should be put in jail with others who might be animal lovers.So very sorry pleasde know my thoughts and prayers are with you.

Submitted By: Lindsay Submitted: 7/2/2010
If this was my dog I would be devastated! I think the ONG employee should be held accountable for his actions and punished accordingly.

Submitted By: Eye for an eye? Submitted: 7/2/2010
We have one of those new meters now as of last week, so hopefully my dogs will be safer. I have seen our meter man in our yard but his protection was a stick with a tennis ball on the end, and he only used it to keep my dogs back, I watched him, he never even attempted to hit them. The problem would be the 3 yards (around our yard) of pit bulls that are in cages and on chains. I'm pretty sure meter man doesn't even enter those yards. Not saying ALL pitts are mean but one of them killed my momma dog and injured my other so I know from experience (besides the fact they are in cages and on chains for a reason) My dogs are pom-terriers and not very big either. This story as about cruel and unusual punishment to an animal only trying to protect it's domain (as dogs do). Why couldn't they have just estimated the bill like they have done my many times??? I have certain words for people like him but can't write them here or I would be reported. Hopefully what goes around comes around, to

Submitted By: Kim Submitted: 7/2/2010
I am so sorry this happened to your family. How awful. I truly hope this guy goes to jail and soon.

Submitted By: Tracy Submitted: 7/2/2010
I'm glad we live in the part of Mustang that is serviced by OEC. We lose power less often and our pets are free to roam around our own backyard!

Submitted By: Azalea Samarripa Submitted: 7/2/2010
There should be charges brought up against ANYONE who abuses animals. The employee should be terminated. No animal should be submitted to that sort of treatment, especially in their own yard. No child or family should have to go thru such a terrible loss in such a brutal manner. I do hope there is justice done.

Submitted By: Josie Submitted: 7/2/2010
Personally, I think he should be locked in a room with several dog owners armed with pipe wrenches. I have one question: Why are they so secretive about this employee and covering for him? If the guy had *allegedly* stolen a pack of gum he would be broadcast. He admitted to beating a tiny dog to death. No signs of injury. There is nothing alleged about it. They need to release his name and his picture, so at the very least innocent consumers don't allow him in their yards and tiny defenseless dogs don't have to die at his hands.

Submitted By: morgans Submitted: 7/2/2010
What a horrible, preventable tragedy. Most important people with animals need to know that they can call, send or email their meter readings in keeping incompetent outsiders from being in their yards when they are not home.

Submitted By: morgans Submitted: 7/2/2010
What a horrible, preventable tragedy. Most important people with animals need to know that they can call, send or email their meter readings in keeping incompetent outsiders from being in their yards when they are not home.

Submitted By: Jeff Submitted: 7/2/2010
I have a hard time believing that a half blind, toothless Chinese pug poses a threat to anyone. My guess is that this isn't the first time for this @#$hole to hit an's just the first time one died as a result. He & ONG would spare no expense to sue a homeowner if he sustained injuries. Since we can't knock that employee's teeth out & blind him in one eye, lets hope he gets to make a sizeable donation to that boy's college fund. To the Holderbee' sorry for your loss.

Submitted By: Delana Roberson Submitted: 7/1/2010
About 6 months ago I caught the ONG guy trying to kick the crap out of my dog. I called and complained and they told me they could not do anything unless I caught it on camera. I am truly not shocked this happened. The company knows they have people jumping in these backyards who do not like dogs, and they do not do anything about it. By the way did I mention I live in Mustang. Most likely the same worker

Submitted By: Ashley Speicher Submitted: 7/1/2010
This is horrible! I hope the ONG employee is terminated. There is something evil about a person that would harm an animal.

Submitted By: Bryan Houck Submitted: 6/30/2010
I would like to comment on the story of the Oklahoma Natural Gas employee killing the Chinese Pug with a pipe wrench. I hope ONG is happy and will be able to keep their doors open after killing this dog and shutting off the resident's gas services. I mean killing a childs dog over an unpaid bill. I am glad that other utility companies don't stand behind employees that administer the death penalty for un-payed bills. I myself have a chinese pug and have raised pugs for years, they are not vicious dogs or have much of a mouth to bite with. I hope this employee was within O.S.H.A. standards while he was killing this child's dog that was probably less than one foot tall. We all know how this will play out ONG will sweep under the rug the employee will be given a slap on the wrist and this child will be hurt with out his life long friend. GOOD JOB HERO!! ANOTHER BILL COLLECTED. B. Houck, Mustang

Submitted By: Bryan Houck Submitted: 6/30/2010
I would like to comment on the story of the Oklahoma Natural Gas employee killing the Chinese Pug with a pipe wrench. I hope ONG is happy and will be able to keep their doors open after killing this dog and shutting off the resident's gas services. I mean killing a childs dog over an unpaid bill. I am glad that other utility companies don't stand behind employees that administer the death penalty for un-payed bills. I myself have a chinese pug and have raised pugs for years, they are not vicious dogs or have much of a mouth to bite with. I hope this employee was within O.S.H.A. standards while he was killing this child's dog that was probably less than one foot tall. We all know how this will play out ONG will sweep under the rug the employee will be given a slap on the wrist and this child will be hurt with out his life long friend. GOOD JOB HERO!! ANOTHER BILL COLLECTED. B. Houck, Mustang

Submitted By: Michael Submitted: 6/30/2010
Someone should have beaten the ONG worker with a pipe wrench! I hope that b@##$@% goes to jail for a long time.

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